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About Unlocked Graduates 2022:

Graduate Leadership Program 2022. Unlocked Graduates is working to change how we develop society’s unborn leaders. how we suppose about incarcerations and captures- by fastening on recovery and addressing the terrible damage and cost of reoffending. Our award-winning leadership development program recruits outstanding graduates and career changers to become exceptional captivity officers. The chops and experience you gain leading reform on the front- line will make you stand out from any crowd.Jobzpkad

Unlocked Graduates Leadership Development Programme 2022:

As part of the program, you complete a completely- funded, bespoke Master’s degree. Drawing on the rearmost exploration in the field- and led by top academic experts your studies will give you the chance to step back from the day-to-day and learn the proposition to drive system change on the frontline.

You’ll also admit the occasion to complete work placements with a choice of over 100 organizations. This is veritably much a two-way exchange, enabling you to broaden your experience and bring new chops back to your captivity while the mate organization benefits from your unique perspective.

Actors on uncorked have the occasion in their alternate-time design to choose the policy lens option. These systems are participated by the actors’ captivity governors and officers at the Ministry of Justice. This offers the chance to have a system-wide impact across the country- contributing to a unique body of knowledge developed by captivity officers on the frontline in captivity.

Graduate Leadership Program 2022 - Jobzpkad
Graduate Leadership Program 2022 – Jobzpkad


For a bachelorette’s degree, you have to formerly have, or be awaiting to admit, at least a 21 undergraduate degree qualification by July 2023 or original.

No previous work experience is necessary, we’re looking at your eventuality to share constructively in the program and appreciatively impact captures’ lives.

You have the right to work in the UK for the duration of the program.

You’ll need a special combination of attributes and chops- both to gain entry into the program and to be successful in the part.

Compensation and benefits:

A starting payment of£,000-£,000( dependent on position).

A completely- funded master’s degree.Work placement openings with our leading commercial mates including Clifford Chance, PwC, and the Ministry of Justice. Group support and 1- 1 mentoring are on offer. Ongoing networking and development openings throughout and following our two-time program.



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