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If you are looking for an airline with the best pay, then Air Canada could be a great choice for you. The company offers competitive wages to employees across all job levels, which is why it’s been voted as one of the best companies to work for in Canada. But how much do Air Canada employees make? That’s what we’re here to find out.
Air Canada employees are paid based on their position, with those in the lowest service category earning $10.71 per hour and those in the highest earning $35.65 per hour. Air Canada is among the largest airlines in North America, with headquarters located in Canada and an extensive route network throughout Canada and to destinations worldwide.

How much do Air Canada employees make?

Air Canada employees earn a median salary of $98,000 per year.
The average Air Canada employee earns $90,000 annually.
Hourly pay for Air Canada employees is calculated as follows:
Hourly pay for Flight Attendants is $26.27 per hour, on average.
Hourly pay for Customer Service Agents is $15.21 per hour, on average.
Air Canada employees are part of the Air Canada Group and work in a variety of roles. The airline employs around 40,000 people across the country.
Employees can be found at all levels of the company, from customer service agents to senior management positions.
The average Air Canada salary is $60,000 per year, but there are many different factors that come into play when you’re considering your compensation package.
If you’re a Canadian and have ever flown with Air Canada, then you know they offer a decent salary. The average base salary for an Air Canada employee is $65,000.
This number is more than most of their competitors in the industry, including WestJet and Porter Airlines. Air Canada also offers benefits such as discounted flight tickets and free hotel rooms at some airports.
Air Canada has a unique corporate culture. The airline’s employees are proud of the company’s values and its reputation for innovation, excellence, and integrity.
The Air Canada culture is built on excellence in everything we do: customer service, safety, security, and the environment. We have a long history of being at the forefront of new technology to improve efficiency and deliver superior value to our customers.
Air Canada also has an employee benefits program that includes generous annual leave and benefits, health care benefits, a defined contribution pension plan with a guaranteed minimum return on investment (ROI) for all employees regardless of their length of service with us.


Air Canada’s employees’ salaries can be found in the Air Canada Employee Salary Disclosure. It gives you an inside look at how much they make in total and what their hourly earnings are. Their annual earnings depend on many factors such as level of education, years of experience, schedule (part-time or full-time), and bonuses/commissions.
In our experience, Air Canada is a great company with friendly and helpful workers. That’s part of the reason why we would recommend working for them. Air Canada also offers competitive wages as well. This makes a career as an Air Canada employee an attractive choice to many potential applicants.

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