What are the duties of a package handler in Canada?


What are the duties of a package handler in Canada? Package handling is an occupation that has many responsibilities. These include ensuring that the goods are handled correctly, helping with transportation and storage, and making sure all paperwork is filled out correctly. Most people who work as package handlers hold a Certificate of Qualification from the Canadian Department of Labour.
The duties of a package handler, or mail handler in Canada, include sorting a shipment’s contents so they can be delivered to the right people. In addition to taking care of regular mail and boxes, they put items in customer orders, prepare shipments for delivery, address envelopes and labels, fill out order forms and work at the company distribution center when necessary. The job is often different depending on the product being shipped — a residential customer’s order may have more requirements than a business customer’s.

What are the duties of a package handler in Canada?

Handling packages (both incoming and outgoing) for the purpose of transporting them to their destination.
Handling packages with care so as not to damage them or cause any injuries to themselves, other people, or property.
Placing packages on conveyor belts or other equipment so that they can be transported.
Ensuring that there are no dangerous goods present in the area where they are working.
The duties of a package handler in Canada are to:
Load packages onto conveyor belts or trucks.
Unload packages from conveyor belts or trucks.
Handle products for delivery.
Before you can work as a package handler, you must be 18 years old and live in Canada. You cannot work as a package handler if you have been convicted of a crime related to drugs or alcohol. You also cannot work as a package handler if you have been convicted of theft, forgery, fraud, or any other crimes that would make it dangerous for the public to have access to your services.

Safely taking packages from the dock to the loading dock or vehicle.

Inspecting each package for damage or breakage before loading it on a vehicle.
Following all safety and health practices in the workplace, including wearing appropriate clothing and shoes, no loose clothing, no jewelry, no long hair, no dangling earrings, and no visible tattoos.
Ensuring that each loaded package is tied down with rope, tape, or other means so that it cannot move during transportation.
Assisting shipments at their destination to ensure they are unloaded properly and quickly.


The work of a Canada Post package handler is varied, and it can involve cutting, bundling, banding, boxing, and sorting packages. Often, package handler is also responsible for the cleanliness of their workspace and the safety of their coworkers as well. These three factors make the job a physically demanding one. According to PayScale’s Salary Calculator, Canada Post’s package handlers earn an average annual salary of C$31,600. This information was correct at the time of publishing.
All drivers, operators, loaders, and other workers in the trucking industry play an important role. However, not all of them are created equal or are even part of a team. The majority of the work that is done behind the scenes is the result of package handlers who work in fulfillment facilities. Fulfillment workers have many duties that they must complete daily to ensure that packages are packed and shipped quickly and accurately.

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