What are the duties of the project coordinator in Canada?


The project coordinator is the head of the group. What are the duties of the project coordinator in Canada? His/her duties are to monitor and lead the process, act as a liaison with the client and other team members, plan and schedule activities, ensure that the work flows smoothly according to the plan, communicate his/her knowledge to others, advise on solutions to issues that arise during a project.
The project coordinator is a position holder responsible for the proper management of resources leading to higher efficiency and effectiveness in performance.  In other words, he or she is in charge of planning, scheduling, and monitoring the overall process to ensure the job at hand is completed according to expectations.

What are the duties of the project coordinator in Canada?

The duties of the project coordinator in Canada include:
Acting as a liaison between the client and the team. The coordinator must be able to explain the project to an outsider in a manner that is easily understood.
Setting up meetings with clients, contributors, and other personnel involved in the project. The coordinator must be able to schedule meetings on short notice and ensure that they are held at times convenient for everyone involved.
Ensuring that all parties have access to electronic copies of all documents related to the project. The coordinator should make sure that all participants have access to all documents needed for their work on the project.
Managing time commitments by participants by ensuring that everyone has a copy of their commitments so that they can stay on track with deadlines and milestones.
Ensuring that all tasks are completed on time by managing deadlines and milestones set by management.*
The duties of the project coordinator in Canada are to coordinate the activities between the different members of the project team and ensure that deadlines are met. The coordinator is also responsible for ensuring that there is a good working relationship between all members of the team. It is important that all parties involved in a project understand each other’s roles and responsibilities as well as their own. This makes it easier for everyone to work together towards a common goal.
The coordinator should also be able to communicate effectively with others, both within the team and outside it. They need to be able to listen carefully and understand what others say without being judgmental or critical. Being able to communicate clearly and concisely with other people is an essential part of being a project coordinator because it helps them get their point across clearly without being misunderstood or misinterpreted.
Project coordinators should have good knowledge about all aspects of their job, including software applications, materials needed for projects, and equipment used when carrying out projects. They need to have experience working on similar types of projects before starting one themselves so they can better understand what needs to be done in order for things to run smoothly from start to finish.


Project coordinators supervise and coordinate the people and resources required to complete a specific project. They assign responsibilities, monitor deadlines, plan budgets and schedules, establish protocols, and manage communications in order to achieve all of the project’s objectives.
Because of their role in the project, project coordinators are generally required to keep their superiors apprised of all activities involved in the project. This, naturally, utilizes the strong communication skills of the coordinator, who must often communicate with not only superiors but other members of the team as well.

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