What company pays package handlers the most in Canada?


Package delivery companies in Canada are known for their no-questions-asked, pay-on-schedule policy. What company pays package handlers the most in Canada? In fact, package handlers are the most talented people in the industry, because they handle hundreds of different packages every day. Their skills range from loading trucks to unloading them, lifting heavy items with rubber floor mats on their feet, and much more.
Are you in the hiring process to work abroad? Have you chosen a company to work for? If yes, then don’t forget to ask about package handlers’ salaries. It’s impossible to know what companies pay their employees. This is common knowledge and I have lived this fact on several occasions where I am paid 5 USD to move office equipment from one warehouse to another building for some company.

What company pays package handlers the most in Canada?

The most expensive package handler in Canada is UPS Canada.
Package handlers are the people who move packages from one place to another. They are also known as freight forwarders, freight consolidators, or parcel delivery services.
The job of a package handler is very important in the transportation industry because it helps to make sure that goods arrive on time and safely. If a shipment does not arrive on time, then it could cause problems for other companies who depend on that shipment.
A package handler works in a warehouse where they move packages around to different locations throughout Canada and the United States. They also help to load and unload trucks so that they can deliver goods to their destination safely.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, package handlers and freight movers earned a median wage of $20.38 an hour in June 2016.

The top 10 employers in Canada for package handlers include:

1. FedEx Ground, $21.82 an hour
2. Amazon, $19.91 an hour
3. UPS Canada, $18.06 an hour
4. Canada Post Corporation, $16.70 an hour
5. Federal Express Corp., $14.54 an hour
6. UPS Airlines Inc., $13.78 an hour
7. Regional Express Airlines Inc., $13.73 an hour
8. DHL North America Inc., $10-19 an hour (depending on location)
9 . Umpqua Holdings Inc., $9-12 an hour (depending on location)
According to a survey by Workopolis, Canada’s most popular package delivery company is UPS Canada. The company makes up almost half of the market share when it comes to package delivery. This is in contrast to the US where FedEx took over that title after acquiring TNT for $4 billion.
Package delivery companies are known for offering better-pay packages than other types of shipping because of the high cost of labor in the industry. UPS Canada has one of the highest wages in Canada at $23 an hour on average. This is compared to $18 an hour for FedEx and $11 an hour for Royal Mail.
In order to attract employees, companies like UPS offer benefits such as full dental coverage and health benefits through their employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).
A recent survey by Indeed found that package handlers make up 75% of all warehouse workers in Canada.


How much money a man makes is important, arguably one of the most important things in life. However, there are other factors that need to be taken into account, such as happiness and fulfillment. While having a high-paying job is admirable, it’s not necessarily what will make us the most content in our daily lives and careers.
The current demand for package handlers has created an increasing need for companies to recruit people. If a company cannot find the talent they need from existing employees or from family, friends, and associates they will probably go in-house and train new hires.

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