What is a curriculum specialist in education in Canada?


A curriculum specialist, also known as a high school teacher and as an instructor, is a type of education in Canada professional that works within a specific set of guidelines or methods. These rules dictate the manner in which curriculum specialists perform their duties, both during and outside work hours.
Curriculum specialists in education in Canada are defined as teachers who are tasked with developing or improving the curriculum and instructional support in schools. This may include designing new materials, training teachers to use them effectively, or enhancing a specific aspect of the classroom experience.

What is a curriculum specialist in education in Canada?

A curriculum specialist in education is someone who has knowledge of the curriculum and how it can be used in the classroom. They can also be called a teacher’s aide, teaching assistant, or resource teacher.
In Canada, curriculum specialists are required by law to have an undergraduate degree in education and a teaching certificate. The curriculum specialist should also have at least one year of experience working in a school or classroom before they can become certified.
A curriculum specialist in education is a professional who is trained and experienced in the design, delivery, and evaluation of a curriculum. This course of study covers specialized knowledge about curriculum development and teaching strategies.
Curriculum specialists use their knowledge to enhance the educational experience for students, teachers, and parents by providing professional advice and guidance on how to develop a curriculum that meets the needs of all learners; supports student learning; aligns with learning standards; is appropriate for the grade level; is aligned with state standards; is aligned with national standards; provides content that meets students’ needs based on their backgrounds, interests, and abilities; ensures that students are engaged in learning through meaningful engagement activities that foster critical thinking skills and promote cultural diversity.
A curriculum specialist in education is a teacher who specializes in a specific area of curriculum development, such as teaching or learning strategies, reading instruction, or teaching with technology. A curriculum specialist also may have additional training in areas such as instruction for handicapped children, the inclusion of students with disabilities, and educating English learners.
Curriculum specialists work with teachers to help them implement the curriculum for their students. They also provide support for teachers by providing examples of good practices and helping them identify ways to improve the quality of their instruction.
Curriculum specialists can be employed by public school districts or charter schools. Some states require that all public school districts employ at least one certified teacher who has completed an approved program in curriculum development and instruction (often referred to as “instructional coordinators”).


In Canada, educators have a number of opportunities to specialize in their field. The curriculum specialist designation (C.S.) is a relatively new one, only introduced in 2008. It is designed for teachers who want to gain deeper knowledge and experience in curriculum development and implementation.
As a curriculum specialist, your job will be to develop learning resources for teachers and students. What this means will vary depending on the province or state you work in, but common areas of focus include professional development courses for teachers, textbooks and other classroom materials, teaching guides, and other educational resources. You will likely work with teachers from primary and secondary education as you develop these resources.

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