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A sessional lecturer is an individual who teaches in an area where there is a need for more teachers to join the teaching profession. What is a sessional lecturer in Canada? Many new graduates do not have teaching experience and therefore may not be able to find full-time employment. Since there are many people needing positions, sessional positions are created.
If you are looking for a job in academia, then becoming a sessional lecturer may interest you. However, you should be aware that the term “sessional” means that the position is temporary and part-time. Therefore, many people do not take this as an option to pursue as a career path. What it does mean though is that these jobs are more time-flexible, but also more casual and flexible than regular full-time positions.

What is a sessional lecturer in Canada?

A sessional lecturer is a part-time professor who teaches for short periods of time at various colleges and universities in Canada. They are not considered permanent faculty members, but rather contract employees who teach on a fee-for-service basis.
Sessional lecturers may be full-time or part-time depending on the college or university. They are often hired to fill in for regular professors who are away on sabbatical or maternity leave.
A sessional lecturer is a part-time professor of a college. They teach undergraduate courses and have their own office hours. Sessional lecturers are usually hired by colleges, but some universities also hire sessional lecturers to teach certain courses.
Sessional lecturers are hired for short-term assignments (usually between one and six months). They must have completed a Ph.D. in the same field as the course they will be teaching and must also be registered with the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT). Sessional lecturers can only teach within their area of expertise; they cannot become full-time faculty members at the university or college where they work.
A sessional lecturer is an individual who is employed by the university to deliver lectures in a specific course of study. Sessional lecturers are not salaried employees, but they earn a salary for their services.
The term “sessional” refers to the fact that sessional lecturers are hired on a short-term basis. They are hired to teach a specific course of study, rather than to teach a particular subject area over time.
Sessional lecturers often work at universities with large enrollments and small budgets. This makes it difficult for these institutions to recruit full-time faculty members with teaching experience, as well as researchers who can pursue original research projects at the institution’s core facilities.


This was an article I did for university students who wanted to know what a sessional lecturer is. Since it’s usually not written about, the original goal was mainly to give students a better idea of what it means to be a sessional lecturer in Canada. The article explained the role and helped people recognize whether they wanted to pursue that line of work.
What is a sessional educator? Basically, sessional educators have contracted professionals who teach on a per-course basis at institutions or educational settings. They’re not in the classroom full-time, which means they supplement the main teaching staff at universities, colleges, and other learning institutions across the country.

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